The "Alternative Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald" (alternative wolf- and bear park Black Forest), constructed in 2010, is located in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, close to the national park Black Forest. It is called "alternative" because the animals living there are coming from bad and not animal-friendly husbandry. On 10 hectares of forest area, eight brown bears, six european wolves and one eurasian lynx are finding a new, near-natural home.

The animals living in the outdoor enclosure, who often display behavioral problems, have a from humans almost unaffected habitat. For most of them this is the first time in their life where they can please their natural needs. The socialization of the bears among themselves as well as with the wolves and the lynxes helps them to rediscover their behavioral pattern, so that they can gradually overcome their disorders.

With over 80,000 visitors each year, the park is not only a highlight for tourists in the region, but it also contributes to a better comprehension of the three large predators and the necessity of animal-. nature- and species protection through guidances, experience- and educational programs.

How can I help?

During the convention, we are going to collect money for the charity through multiple means. As usual, we will provide charity cans for fursuiters which they can pick up at conops. There will also be a charity booth this year where you can find more information about the charity project, have a chat with the operators of the park and buy merchandise to support them. You will also have the chance to get an animal sponsorship to support the park for a longer period.

We will also have a charity auction this year, where we will auction items and art from the convention and of course from you. If you'd like to supply something for the charity, please contact our conops on site.