Dealers' Den

This year attendees will again have the chance to purchase arts and items at Furvester during a limited number of days. The opening hours can be found in our schedule.


If you want to get a table in our Dealers' Den, you first have to register for the convention. After doing that, you have to option to register as a dealer in your dashboard. We will review all dealer registrations and give out tables on a first come, first serve basis.

Our Den allows for mixed content, so you can sell both SFW as well as NSFW work in it. We will move all booths containing NSFW to a separate region in the the Dealers' Den, so that people have the option to avoid it if they choose to.

Registered Dealers

  • Äeon
  • Alpha_Ki & Jul
  • Dinski
  • Dolphinitely Good Collars
  • Drakone Suits
  • Dratze
  • fluffylunarii Arts
  • Johanna
  • Kio's liqueurs
  • LilTayeGrr
  • Loque
  • red moon hawk
  • Torben Goldmund's Art N Prints
  • Yang738