Guest of Honor


Our guest of honor this year is Saphi, a cute little fox from the Czech Republic.

He's not only widely known for his great performances in fursuit, but also for his other contributions to both the furry fandom and people outside of it. Saphi enjoys doing charity work, which includes visiting sick children with terminal illnesses at hospitals. He's also helping out at ČeSFuR in different departments, may it be registrations, public relations or charity.

Saphi is a regular con-goer, who can be found at many events and conventions, not only within Europe but all around the world. Here's what Saphi had to say about himself:

Hi! My name is Saphi. I’m a blue fox coming to you from the Czech Republic and I’m bringing smiles, lots of them!

I carry a deep passion for fursuit performance and entertainment while portraying my own original character. For several years I’ve been trying to make the world a (tiny bit) better place not only for furries, but for general public and kids as well. I’ve discovered my own way to achieve this by delivering cuteness and putting smiles on people’s faces through various fursuit shenanigans, public fursuit performance, acting, charity work or making silly and cute content.

I see the furry community as an amazing creative place full of wonderful individuals. I’ve embraced it as my only hobby and my family and I keep trying to do my best to be a contributing part of it.

You can find out more about him on his social media channels: